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Custom T Shirts Make The Family Happy And The Reunion Unforgettable!}


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Submitted by: Seomul Evans

Thanks to technology, there is no a more fun and more interesting way to hold important family reunions. It’s now really easy to get your hands on customized t-shirts. There was a time when this took weeks to months and required a lot of money, not to mention the skill of a commissioned artist or painter. But now, hundreds of online entrepreneurs are offering you the chance to make your own t-shirts, and they make pretty good party favors for special memorable events such as family reunions. They can make your family reunion fun but intimate and more genuine which is important in a family event where everyone should be able to be themselves. You’ll surely have fun with these customized tees.

Tips on Using Custom Tees in Family Reunions

So why don’t you get custom t-shirts designed with the date of the party, the venue, and the family name. You can even make a logo for that year’s reunion and make it the event of the year. You can put your family photo on it, a collage of photos of different family events and milestones, and so on. You can give them away to all the family members during the event so they can bring home a nice memory of the event, or you can even make it the official uniform for the reunion so the entire family won’t have to worry about what to wear. The t-shirt will even give everyone a nice feeling of being together in one family. Most importantly, you and your relatives will be more comfortable to move around and enjoy in those stylish and fun t-shirts rather than in ball gowns.

YouTube Preview Image

And even after the party, the benefits of the custom tee will still be felt. Everyone will remember the reunion each time they wear their custom family reunion t-shirt. These t-shirts are cherished for a long time especially if you choose a good t-shirt printing business that offers quality prints.

Everyone will surely be happy about these t-shirts, regardless of the different preferences of different family members. After all, everyone could use a t-shirt, right? Its the staple garment! And if it’s a meaningful custom tee, the more they’ll love it. You can also mix it up: get collared shirts for the men, round neck for the young, tank tops for the ladies, and so on. You can even get sweatshirts if you prefer something cozy if you’re having a Christmas holiday reunion.

Where to Get Custom Tees for Family Reunions

Custom t-shirts are now widely available from countless of websites. To make the custom t-shirt design process easier for you, the online establishments already offer t-shirt desiging tools that help you make your own design with just a few clicks. You can also send your prepared design through e-mail if you don’t need the online tools. After payment and approval of the final design, the custom t-shirts will be produced and eventually sent to you. Don’t worry, it’s not a long process. Just make sure to allot enough time so the t-shirts will come in time for your family reunion. Preferably, place your order at least a week before the event that’s already enough time. You can even distribute it before the event so everyone can come already donning their spanking custom t-shirts.

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Apple unveils new iPods, Apple TV; updates iOS, iTunes


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Thursday, September 2, 2010

In a music-themed media event yesterday, Apple Inc. unveiled three new iPod portable music players, as well as an upgraded Apple TV system. Apple also announced updates for its iTunes software and iOS mobile operating system.

The annual event started at 10 a.m. PDT (1700 UTC) in the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, California. Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who led yesterday’s keynote speech at the event, was dressed in his typical black long-sleeved shirt, blue jeans, and tennis shoes. He began by discussing new international Apple Stores, an update to the company’s iOS mobile operating system, and the release of a new gaming app, Game Center. Jobs then turned his attention to what he called the “entrée” of the day.

Apple will release new versions of its iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, and iPod Touch lines next week in what Jobs called “the biggest change in the iPod line ever.” The iPod Shuffle’s VoiceOver capabilities have been extended to playlists, meaning that it will now be able to read off the names of songs, artists, and playlists. The new device is priced at US$49.

Jobs also showed off the company’s new iPod Nano. The Nano, now smaller and without a click wheel, features a new multi-touch screen that allows users to touch virtual buttons to control the device. The new design is 42 percent lighter and 46 percent smaller, but still includes functions on previous Nanos, such as an FM radio and a pedometer. The 8 GB version will cost US$149, while the 16 GB version will be priced at US$179.

Jobs announced an updated iPod Touch as well, an announcement that had been widely expected for some time. The new, thinner Touch has been upgraded with features matching some already on the company’s recently-released iPhone 4, including the high-resolution “Retina” display and dual video cameras. One camera, located on the back the of the iPod Touch, is for recording video, while the other camera, located on the front, is for use with Apple’s FaceTime video calling program. FaceTime allows users of the latest iPhone and iPod Touch models to conduct video chats with each other over Wi-Fi networks. The iPod Touch starts at US$229 for a 8 GB model, US$299 for 32 GB, and US$399 for 64 GB.

Another major product refresh unveiled yesterday was the Apple TV. The digital media receiver was first released in 2007, but was never very popular. Jobs even admitted that, although Apple has “sold a lot of them, they’ve never been a huge hit.” The US$99 second-generation Apple TV is both smaller and cheaper than its predecessor, which was priced at US$229. The new version will let consumers stream content from online sources, including Netflix, and rent both movies and television shows. Apple has made a deal with Fox and ABC to let users rent episodes of shows for 99¢, instead of buying programs. “We think the rest of the studios will see the light and get on board with this pretty fast,” added Jobs. High-definition movies can be rented for US$4.99, and the new Apple TV will be available for purchase in around four weeks.

Among the less-hyped updates was one to AirPlay, previously named AirTunes. AirPlay lets users stream music, photos, and videos from iOS devices to other Wi-Fi-enabled systems. AirPlay would let a video on an iPad be played on a television via Apple TV.

Along with an iOS update came one for Apple’s online music store application, iTunes. The biggest news involving iTunes 10, which is available for download now, is Apple’s new music-based social network, Ping. “It is sort of like Facebook and Twitter meet iTunes,” described Jobs. “It is not Facebook. It is not Twitter. It is something else we’ve come up with. It’s all about music.” Built into iTunes, Ping allows a user to follow both friends and artists to find new music and concert tours, and anyone with an iTunes account will be able to access Ping upon updating to iTunes 10. Ping will have settings for privacy as well, giving users the option to approve followers. Jobs also introduced a new iTunes logo, which does not include an image of a CD on it because music sales on iTunes are expected to overtake CD sales soon.

Jobs concluded the event by bringing out Chris Martin, a member of the award-winning band Coldplay. Martin, who played a few songs on the piano, including the hit song “Yellow,” jokingly called his performance “the toughest closing gig I’ve ever had.”

Although many of yesterday’s announcements had been predicted ahead of time, some had speculated that Apple would go even further. Apple defied expectations of a new cloud-based music service. They also did not extend the amount of time a buyer could sample music on iTunes, as some had guessed.



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Two shot outside Los Angeles nightclub


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Saturday, July 23, 2011

A gunman shot and injured two men early this morning outside the Vault XXI nightclub in the Little Tokyo district in Los Angeles, California.

Lieutenant Paul Vernon of the Los Angeles Police Department says the two men are in critical condition.

Witnesses say the two men, both Asian and in their 20s, were smoking outside the club when a man wearing a ski mask approached and shot the two around 1:30 a.m. local time (9:30 UTC). The men suffered multiple wounds and crawled into the club.

Police believe the shooter was possibly Asian and was about five feet seven inches tall. Investigators say there were ten bullet casings at the scene from a semiautomatic firearm.

Lt. Vernon said, “We’re lucky more people were not injured in this attack. It appears the victims were targeted by the suspect as they stood at the entrance to the nightclub.”

Dogs Of War: Psychology In Metal Gear Solid}


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Dogs of War: Psychology In Metal Gear Solid


Zuske Sagara

Compared to the early releases, new video games have improved in terms of plot and character development. The psychology and personalities of the characters hero, villain, and recurring figure alike are now just as important as how the game plays.

However, like in the early days of comic books before Stan Lee’s Spider-Man, video game characters tend to be flat caricatures of real people, with flaws like social anxiety, fragile mental health, and depression being traits reserved for antagonists. Yet, even in such a climate, there are still maverick character designers who have made heroes that are difficult to fit into the traditional definition of the hero role. Among the best examples of such games is Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid series.

Being a game that both embraces the psychology of war and carries a strong pacifist undercurrent, there is a complexity in the cast of characters that is necessary. To an extent, all of the characters have some form of mental health disorder, which is appropriate for a game that relies heavily on the personalities of its characters. While some might initially see them as extreme responses to their situations, Kojima has gone to great lengths to present his characters as possibilities present when war meets psychology. The characters of the MGS series can be taken to represent the various effects of war on a person’s mental health, whether they are soldiers, commanders, or bystanders. He shows this through their personalities and the conversations that they have with the protagonist, making them more than just an obstacle to overcome to complete the game.

YouTube Preview Image

Among the most long-standing favorites of Kojima’s multitude of antagonists is the woman known only as Sniper Wolf. She may appear perfectly sane at first glance, but some have analyzed her personality as a potential consequence of growing up in a war zone. The experience of living in war-torn Iraq has left scars that damaged her mental health and emotional development . For children who were born and raised in a war zone, the typical response is to find a way out of the chaos and destruction. For Sniper Wolf, even after her rescue, her mental health was so marked by her experiences that the only real way she could overcome her prolonged trauma was to become part of it. Yet, perhaps due to some sort of anxiety disorder, she also longed to distance herself from it. As a soldier, she became part of the very thing that terrorized her as a child. As a sniper, she perhaps relieved her fear and anxiety as a child by distancing herself from the front lines, taking lives from behind the scope of her rifle. This theme of a person becoming part of what scarred them in their youth is repeated in the Beauty and the Beast military unit in the upcoming finale of the MGS series, albeit with a more literal interpretation.

Liquid Snake, one of the series’ primary antagonists, also exhibits a number of psychological disorders. His initial goal appeared to have been little more than the world conquest standard, but as the plot progresses, it is revealed to be much deeper. As the genetically-altered twin brother to the protagonist, Solid Snake, Liquid exhibits signs of sibling-caused status anxiety. Altered to be the inferior of the two brothers, Liquid pushed himself to perform in every aspect of his military life to prove that his inferior genetics were not going to define him. His status anxiety also pushed him to lead an insurrection of soldiers in an attempt to outdo his father and form a utopia for soldiers. His murderous competition with his brother is also driven by status anxiety, as he subconsciously desires to kill his brother to prove that he is better than both his brother and his father. This desire to outdo both his brother and father is a consistent factor in his appearances in the series. He also exhibits a slight Messiah complex in his desire to fulfill his father’s dream, as he expanded the plan to not only create a haven for soldiers, but also to destroy the governments that would use and discard them.

The problem of status anxiety also manifests slightly in the goals of Big Boss, Liquid and Solid Snake’s father. A man deemed to be the perfect soldier, his genetic material was used to create his sons, even as he had one of them modified to be inferior to the other. As a solider, he quickly realized that the time would come when men like him would no longer be needed and would be discarded by the governments they served like obsolete trash. His own status anxiety, combined with his disillusionment at how the US government betrayed his mentor to save their reputation, forged the idea of a soldier’s utopia in his mind. It was during his second attempt to establish such a utopia which he termed Outer Heaven that he was slain in battle by Solid Snake, his genetic son. His adamant refusal to be referred to by his codename of Big Boss also reflects his status anxiety towards the events that earned him the name. He resents the fact that he was awarded that codename because he killed his mentor, The Boss, for a government that discarded and abandoned her despite her loyal service simply because it was politically convenient to do so. The bitter irony of the name has not escaped him.

However, perhaps the most psychologically compelling case among the MGS series cast would be the chief protagonist himself, Solid Snake. According to records spread throughout the games, Snake exhibited signs of social anxiety at an early age. Trained to be the perfect killer and the ultimate stealth soldier, he was raised to dislike emotional attachments and view closeness with other people as a potential weakness. This social anxiety was reinforced by his second major mission, where he had to kill both his best friend and his father to fulfill his mission objectives. The fight with Gray Fox, his best friend, was also an instance where he showed performance anxiety, being extremely unwilling to fight a man he considered his friend and combat superior. His traces of status anxiety also plays a role in his character, though not in the way most would expect. He views himself not as the hero the people around him believe he is, but simply as an old killer, hired to do some wet work. He constantly seems to wish to prove that he is more than just the soldier he believes himself to be, but inevitably cannot distance himself from the battlefield. His conflicted status anxiety sometimes plays out subtly, as he no longer wishes to engage in fighting and just live out his life in isolation. However, he understands that he is a soldier and he will always be a soldier, with his only home being the chaos of a battlefield.

A common trait among the front line soldier characters of the MGS series is their inability to feel grief over loss. The explanation was that, as they were exposed more and more to the horrors of war, they began to lose the ability to grieve over lost comrades and family. This has been portrayed as a side effect of the horrors of war upon a soldier’s mental health, particularly in the cases of Big Boss and Solid Snake, who both had to endure the trauma of killing someone that they were emotionally attached to.

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Eight mountaineers missing on Mont Blanc in French Alps after avalanche


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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Rescue crews have called an end to the search for eight mountaineers who went missing on the French side of Mont Blanc after an avalanche that occurred on at 0100 GMT August 24. Eight other climbers were also injured. Five of the missing are said to be Austrian and three were from Switzerland.

“[There is] no longer any chance of finding someone alive,” stated the interior minister of France, Michele Alliot-Marie who also added that are more people trapped beneath the snow. “Thanks to technology, we know for certain there are people buried under the snow, but it’s impossible to be sure exactly how many.”

Rescuers feared that there would be more avalanches and decided to end the search for survivors in the late afternoon today. The avalanche started at an elevation of 3,600 meters and went down the mountainside for nearly 100 meters, leaving a trail 50 meters wide. Rescuers used helicopters and dogs to search for survivors for a day, but failed to find any.

“[I saw] a wall of ice coming towards us and then we were carried 200 metres,” said one of the survivors from Italy, Marco Delfini who also said he tried to help the others caught in the snow.

There have been many accidents in the Alps this summer, about one hundred climbers have perished since June 1 in France, Italy and Switzerland altogether, of whom about twenty have died on Mont Blanc.

Dog owner to face felony charge


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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Two dog attacks in a week puts Spotsylania County authorities in the spotlight to take action on pet owners for their dog’s behavior. In unrelated incidences, an elderly woman was killed and another woman was bitten. Three dogs have been shot dead by police.

An 82 year old woman was walking her Shih Tzu breed of dog in her front yard last week when she came under attack by three Pit Bulls. She died being transported to the hospital after police responded and shot two of the attacking dogs. They later captured the third dog and euthanized it.

More recently, a 31 year old woman was bitten on her hand during a fight that ensued between two Pit Bulls in her back yard. The responding police officer shot the aggressor dog.

Public outcry over the death of the elderly woman stirred procecutors to charge the dogs’ owner, Deeana Large, with involuntary manslaughter. This is a first for the Commonwealth of Virginia where charges that carry a maximum penalty of 10 years are leveled in a case involving a pet’s owner. In order to gain an indictment, prosecuters will have to prove the dogs’ owner was criminally negligent. In the biting incident, the attacking dog’s owner faces a misdemeanor charge of letting the dog run at large.

Deeana Large, who initially said she owned only 1 of the 3 dogs involved in the mauling case, has not yet been formally charged and awaits indictment. Investigators in the case say there were earlier reports of her dogs allegedly killing a German Shepard and a kittten in her neighborhood. Complaints by neighbors spurred an animal control officer to be looking for the dogs at the time the woman was killed.

Dogs rescue owner during diabetic attack


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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

In Centerton, Indiana a man is alive thanks to his 2 dogs.

Bill Burns was taking his nightly stroll with his dogs, Butch and Dusty, when he had a severe diabetic attack in a cornfield.

His dogs immediately reacted.

Morgan County sheriff’s Deputy, Steve Hoffman, was on a rural road just finishing with a traffic stop, when he noticed a light shining from a cornfield. “I noticed what appeared to be an illumination or a light that was flickering and facing my direction,” Hoffman said. When he got out of his car and walked to where he saw the light, he found Butch was holding a flashlight like he would a bone, in his mouth. Meanwhile, Dusty had stretched himself across Mr. Burns to try and keep him warm.

Hoffman said he then noticed that Mr. Burns was wearing a diabetic medical bracelet and immediately took him to the hospital.

Burns says that he does not remember the ordeal, but thinks that Hoffman even seeing the light is remarkable enough for him.

“It’s got to be just fate or faith, one or the other,” Burns said.

The dogs “definitely are the heroes in the story,” said Hoffman.

Burns was in the hospital nearly 4 days before he had been released.

“Had he not had the dogs with him that evening, I think the outcome would have been a lot worse,” Hoffman said.

How To Save You From Chargebacks With The Help Of Bin Ranges Checker}


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How To Save You From Chargebacks With The Help Of Bin Ranges Checker


Gen Wright

One of the main things that you’d find in many e-commerce websites today is that there are a lot of chargebacks. One of the prime reasons for such a topic to gain importance within the minds of a Webmaster is the amount of money which they would have to pay to the financial institution for such a grievance from a customer. The main reason that so many chargebacks are occurring, is due to the fact that there is absolutely no security in the website in terms of detecting fraud credit card transactions. You should always have a bin range checker that can help you detect any fraudulent credit card transactions, and you can stop the process midway, ensuring that you do not have to face the wrath of refunds from credit card companies.

With just some simple steps, you can easily make sure of the fact that your generated revenue and goodwill by your website is not destroyed by some simple hackers. The hackers as well as phishers will do their very best to procure items from your website with the help of stolen credit card details. You should also acquire a very good bin ranges database, which would have a lot of bank identification number, with which you can crosscheck the credit card details that have been inserted in the submitted form for purchasing the product. Getting a robust bin ranges list would go a long way into ensuring that you are never the victim, and you can successfully defend your case, in case there is any chargebacks pertaining to your website.

YouTube Preview Image

A bin ranges lookup on the credit card details that have been inserted in the product page would do the trick to detect fraudulent transactions. The bank identification number is a six digit code that has been inserted in the face of any credit, debit or ATM card, and it contains valuable information pertaining to the issuing bank of the credit card, as well as the location and the telephone number which is associated with the owner of the credit card. Each and every credit card transaction in your e-commerce website should be scrutinised with a bin ranges lookup and it would go a long way in ensuring that you are never faced with any sort of chargebacks.

Of prime importance is a huge database of bin range numbers of various companies that provide you credit cards. It would be very important for you to get the bin ranges for amex, bin ranges for visa, bin ranges for MasterCard as well as bin ranges for diners club. The above mentioned companies are among the most favoured credit card issuers and you would do yourself a lot of good by procuring the bin ranges of such companies. Ensuring that you keep yourself updated with monthly updates on the bin range numbers should ensure that the people with blocked credit cards cannot get access to your products, and would not subject you to harassment.

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Study: Partisan political thought is predominantly unconscious and emotional


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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A recent study led by Dr. Drew Westen, a Professor of Psychology at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia has concluded that political partisans use an “almost entirely emotional and unconscious” thought process when digesting damaging information about a favored political candidate.

The experiment used fMRI scans of 30 men who self-identified as either a committed Republican or Democrat. The subjects were given a series of conflicting quotes by either President Bush or Senator Kerry, and covered such topics as the Enron scandal and the current state of Social Security. The quotes were doctored to maximize the apparent contradiction, but were presented as factual.

The results suggests that many seemingly rational political decisions are strongly influenced by unconscious emotional reactions. Such conclusions match well results from advertising psychology which say that purchases are also not as rational as people believe. Past fMRI studies have found that Democrat and Republican partisans tend to experience different emotions when shown an image of a preferred candidate.

Westen will present his results next month at a meetings of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology in Palm Springs, CA.