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All of us love our bodies and take utmost care and look after our bodies to the best of our capabilities. Whenever we buy clothes, we make sure their fit, size, fabric etc are in perfect tandem with our body shape and that they do not irritate our skin. We also take good care of these clothes so as to maintain them and wear them over a long period of time. Both Men and women are extremely careful while buying their undergarments since they not only provide protection and support but also enhance the body shape.

It is very important to maintain a regular habit of wearing clean underwear. Clean underwear gives off a good hygienic picture of your habits and saves you at awkward situations.

Before we move on to discuss the importance of clear underwear for women, lets take a quick look at how their counterparts (men) fare when it comes to personal hygiene and clean underwear.

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Generally men are less conscious about the cleanliness of their undergarments as compared to women. It has also been observed and recorded that men do not change their undergarments as often as women do. This is the reason men are more prone to skin rashes and fungal infections around their genitalia.

In men, heavy perspiration and accumulation of the sweat around the genitalia makes it imperative for them to have a shower. Firstly, if discharges like semen, small traces of urine and faeces remain on the underwear, it begins to rot giving off a bad stench. Secondly, the underwear also begins to wear off leading to discomfit. The torn underwear leads to these bodily discharges sticking to the garments and wearing them off over the period of time. Slowly it leads to fungal activity and a full-blown fungal disease.

As for women, bodily discharges like sweat, menstruation and virginal discharges make personal hygiene a must. Women are trained right from their childhood about proper hygienic practices. Cleaning underwear and changing them regularly during the periods is the most widely accepted practice followed by default by most women.

Performing household chores is not a mean feat. And changing undergarments regularly and allocating time regularly to doing laundry for everyday lingerie and undergarments is not a small activity either. But this should be done in order to wash off the stains on the undergarments and relieve them from the sweat and stench.

One good way of maintaining good underwear is to change them regularly after a shower and soak them in warm water. This kills the germs and frees the underwear of the sweat and stains as well. And this is quite easy to do as well, isnt it?

Another good way of maintaining good underwear is to use cotton underwear. They make washing easier. Also, they can half reduce a host of problems arising due to dirty underwear, like – skin irritation and fungal infections, body odour and other problems arising due to poor hygiene during menstruation and the use of tampons. This is the reason why many women prefer cotton underwear.

Good and clean underwear is essential for personal hygiene and to keep away infections and skin diseases. Personal hygiene doesnt take much effort. And when you are healthy, you feel more confident and look more comfortable.

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Gallbladder Cancer Treatment In India At Mumbai And Delhi At Low Cost.}


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Gallbladder Cance


The gall bladder stores bile, a produced of the liver that aids in the digestion of fat-containing foods. It is a non-essential organ and can be removed without significant consequences. Gall bladder cancer, also called carcinoma of the gall bladder, is extremely rare affecting only 7,100 people in the United States per year. Unless it is very small and found when the gall bladder is removed for other reasons, the treatment now available is not particularly effective.

Because it is so uncommon and because its symptoms mirror those of far more common ailments, cancer of the gall bladder is usually not found until it is at an advanced stage and cannot be surgically removed. In the advanced stages, pain relief and the restoration of normal bile flow from the liver into the intestines are the principal goals of therapy.

How It Spreads ?

Gall bladder cancer tends to spread to nearby organs and tissues such as the liver or small intestine. It also spreads through the lymph system to lymph nodes in the region of the liver (porta hepatis). Ultimately, other lymph nodes and organs can become involved.

What Causes It ?

No one factor has been clearly shown to cause gall bladder cancer. Although it occurs most often in people with porcelain gall bladders where repeated inflammation from passing gallstones leads to hardening (calcification) of the gall bladder, it is extremely rare even in such patients. Since the gallbladder isn’t essential, people with a calcified gall bladder may consider having it removed as a preventative measure.

Common Signs and Symptom

Unfortunately, there are no specific, surefire symptoms that suggest a diagnosis of gallbladder cancer. Usually, patients present with problems resulting from blockage of the bile ducts, such as jaundice, loss of appetite and weight loss. There may be a mass and/or pain in the abdomen, especially on the right under the ribcage. However, people often have no symptoms, or their symptoms closely mimic those of gallstones. The most common way gallbladder tumors are diagnosed is incidentally, during surgery performed to remove the gallbladder (cholecystectomy) for some other reason. About 1-2% cholecystectomies reveal a cancer of the gallbladder.

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On patient examination, a healthcare provider (HCP) may detect jaundice of skin or the whites of the eyes, a mass in the right upper abdominal quadrant or around the belly button (periumbilical).

How is gallbladder cancer staged?

The American Joint Committee on Cancer uses the TNM system to stage gallbladder cancer as follows: (Adapted from AJCC 6 th edition, 2002)

Primary tumor (T)

* TX – Primary tumor cannot be assessed

* T0 – No evidence of primary tumo

* Tis – Carcinoma in situ

* T1 – Tumor invades mucosa or muscle laye

* T2 – Tumor invades perimuscular connective tissue

* T3 – Tumor invades/perforates the serosa and/or directly invades the liver and/or one other adjacent organ or structure

* T4 – Tumor invades main portal vein or hepatic artery or >2 adjacent organs

Regional lymph node (N)

* NX – Regional lymph nodes cannot be assessed

* N0 – No metastases in regional lymph nodes

* N1 Regional lymph node metastases

Metastases (M)

* MX – Presence of metastases cannot be assessed

* M0 – No distant metastases

* M1 – Distant metastases

How is gallbladder cancer treated?

As with many tumor types, management is often a multidisciplinary approach involving a variety of treatments.

For early stage disease (Stage I), surgery alone can be considered. In patients who have a gallbladder cancer found during a cholecystectomy, reexcision is recommended if the disease is stage II or higher. In stage I disease, the need for reexcision is more controversial. Total surgical removal of all known tumor is the only truly curative treatment. Unfortunately, only about 25% of patients with gallbladder cancer are able to undergo definitive surgery. Furthermore, such a procedure is typically quite extensive, and involves removal of the gallbladder, regional lymph nodes, and a portion of liver if there is concern of invasion.

As you might expect, such a surgery carries a high risk of serious operative injury. Even when surgery is possible, the surgeon is usually unable to take very large resection margins around the tumor, meaning that cancer cells may exist at, or very close to, the tissue edges where the surgeon cut. Even with improving surgical techniques, the risk of recurrence is high. In such cases, external beam radiation therapy can be used in hopes of eradicating any microscopic cancer remaining in the surgical area and surrounding at-risk regions

As a preventive means, a healthy diet routine focused at maintaining a proper bowel, kidney and liver functions would help in keeping the gallbladder free of diseases. Vegetarianism has been recommended as the best method for overall prevention of gallbladder cancer. Inculcating healthy food habits and sticking to a moderate life has proved beneficial in countering all kinds of illness or disease.

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